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Howdy,Partner! We’d like to welcome you to the Uncle Bob’s web site. We’re glad you are here and want to give you a big Texas welcome. You’re in the right spot to learn more about how to win friends and influence your loved ones by making your next recipe out-of-this-world delicious!

Uncle Bob’s products and recipes come from family traditions rooted deep in the heart of Texas. We think that our country seasonings are the best barbequing secret since the invention of the gas grill! Check out our products and recipes and then, let us hear from ya– sign our guestbook or email us with your favorite BBQ tips and tricks!

Our COUNTRY SEASONED SALT is a unique blend of special salt and spices that can be used to enhance the flavor of all meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Choose from original, spicy, or hot depending upon your palette. Use it as your rib rub, brisket rub, and all purpose season. It’s great for blackening shrimp and chicken, slow cooking and smoking meat… and that’s just the beginning!
Our WILD GAME SEASONING contains additional “greenery” like celery seeds, parsley, and coriander– all the the good things that the wild game and sausage crowd have come to love.
Our GARLIC ONION PEPPER BLEND is a salt-free product and goes great with steaks, chicken, etc. Try mixing this blend with olive oil for basting. This new product is flying off the shelves, so order yours today!
Our LEMON PEPPER is made with real lemon extract and contains no filler. You won’t find lemon pepper that can compare. Uncle Bob’s recipe will turn your chicken into a blue-ribbon dinner. But be careful, this concentrated product needs to be used sparingly until you become familiar with its “strength.”
Even though we are borrowing from our neighbors in Louisiana, our perfectly mixed CAJUN DIRTY RICE SEASONING is a great addition to rice and vegetable dishes. Another family favorite is putting it right on your spud.